Worlds Largest Warships Which Are Proven War Icons

Humans have always dreamed to make everything big, fast and strong. This desire has been clearly glimpsed in the military world. Over the centuries the world has experienced and noticed some very extra-ordinary and power militaries with some very strong weaponry. Amongst them naval forces of various nations has proved to be icons of power and wealth. Time to time various countries have introduced some very powerful and highly armed warships in their naval fleet.

So lets have a look at some of the very biggest and iconic warships which have created a greater impact on the world.

1. Nimitz Class(USA)

The Nimitz Class aircraft carriers is considered to be the largest vessel currently servicing in the world. Just not that with an expense of $4.5 billion each year it is also the most expensive ship today. This ship has proved to be a vital add-on to the US naval fleet. It can operate 85 to 90 aircraft which is the highest number of aircraft operation compared to any other carrier in the world.

In 2004 to 2010 Nimitz has also provided an humanitarian relief in the Indonesian tsunami to the earthquake in Haiti.

2. Admiral Kuznetsov Class (Russia)

This stalwart war ship from Russia is fully equipped with heavy offensive-defensive weaponry. This heavy weaponry includes loads of SAM’s and various types of anti-submarine weaponry. This aircraft carries was commissioned in the year 1990 and today it is the only remaining aircraft of that class. When we look at its aircraft operation it operates over 30 fixed wing aircraft and a dozen of helicopters.

3. Modified-Admiral Kuznetsov Class (China)

This is the first aircraft to enter the Chinese naval fleet. Earlier this ship was a part of the Russian naval fleet and was named Riga. But later the Russians got rid of this aircraft carrier stating that it was no longer a fit to the navy fleet. In 1998 surprisingly this ship was bought by China stating it to convert it into a floating casino, but it’s intentions got revealed when China commissioned it in its naval fleet in 2012.

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