All You Can Eat restaurant may be a little heaven for those of you who are a foodie and like to eat many foods Sweet Tomato Buffet Price. By simply paying at the beginning before eating, like the price on the Sweet Tomato Buffet Price, you will be able to eat all the food you like in the restaurant.

However, there are several things that are prohibited in the All You Can Eat system. Even if you are given the freedom to choose a variety kinds of foods that are presented and you are also allowed to eat as much as you like, you are also prohibited to do all of the things in the following:

1. Bring home food
You are prohibited to wrap any food which is presented at the All You Can Eat buffet table to take home. If you are tempted to hide some foods or even cookies in your purse or pocket to take home, you will be fined if caught. Usually, the charge will be the full price of the foods that you try to take home. Thus, you have to keep in mind to hold yourself from taking any food home from an All You Can Eat restaurant.

2. Leave some of the food you have taken
In some restaurants all you can eat, you will be charged or extra charge if you are caught for not spending all the food you have taken. There some restaurants that apply the system to count the charge per gram, while there are also some other restaurants counting per item. The important thing you need to know is that the price will probably be much more than you have expected. You have to pay the charge that you get when going out the restaurant. Warnings about this are usually written in the lowercase in the menu book. So, when eating in a buffet restaurant, it is better for you to check whether there is a warning to remind you about getting a charge if you do not eat all of the food you take or not.