Link building is a factor that is as strong as on page SEO, and link building is one of the things that is needed to optimize the website. If you want to use trusted and experienced SEO services, you can visit Miami SEO Services.

To know more details about link building let us refer to the following article:

Definition of Link Building
The definition of link building can be found on various sites that discuss SEO, but in general, link building is planting links on various other sites that direct the URL to your URL with various keywords.

Source Link Building
Then where do we get the source of link building? There are several link building sources that you can use to optimize your website:

– Blog Commenting. Putting your website link while commenting on another website in the comment field or column of the website at name and website when filling in the comment.
– Forum Activity. Placing links when creating threads, answering threads, or links in signatures.
– Social Bookmark. Do activity sharing link on the social bookmark.
– Guest Blogging. Submitting articles in which there is a link to our website to be published on the website of others.
– Directory Submit. Doing our website listing in the online directory.

Actually, there are many other types of link building sources that can be used, both easier and more complicated. But in general, for the beginner SEO, 5 link source above can be considered enough to start learning basic link building. After the basic link building you understand, then in the future, you will find out for yourself how the best strategy to get links from other websites. And that needs to be considered, when putting a link on the source link building above, do it naturally. Using software help or behaving like software when link building will obviously invite Google’s suspicions.