Top U-Boat Aces Of All Time

During the world war 2 Germany had produced a large number of iconic and outstanding U-Boats, but Germany just did not produce extra-ordinary U-Boats but also gave some amazing commanders which share a prominent name in the history.

Here are some of the famous German captains who were heroes of their time.

Final rank: Fregattenkapitan

He was commissioned on the U-boats U-23 and U-99 and was the commander on them. He has the record of sinking 56 ships and became the tonnage king of the German U-Boat service catering a total tonnage of 313,611 tons.

He had spent only 18 months at sea in the WW2 so keep this in mind his achievements are remarkable. Compared to other U-Boat Captains he had a shorter time of fighting the enemy, but no one could surpass his record tonnage sunk.

Wolfgang Luth

He has captained over four U-Boats, U-9, U-138, U-43 and U-181 and during his time period he has a record of sinking around 221,981 tons of tonnage from 47 ships. He was sent to the Naval Academy in Flensburg-Murwik to take the command over there, but unfortunately he was shot dead by mistake by a sentry there on 14th of May 1945.

He was given a State funeral 2 days later and became the only U-Boat Captainto be honored in that way.

Eric Topp

He has held the command of U-57, U-577, and U-2513 and have been responsible for drowning 35 ships to the bottom and has catered a tonnage of 192,611tons. His last expedition was on U-552 and

after that he was an in-charge of the Tactical U-Boat Flotilla in Gotenhafen.

Before the end of the war he was commissioned on the U-2513, just to scuttle her off Horten on the 8th of may 1945.

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