Decorating and painting the house is the most widely done to welcome Lebaran view website . However, painting can not be done carelessly. There are certain techniques and tricks that must be considered, in order to get the expected results. In the following, there are some tips for you who want to paint your house. For more tips and tricks on painting, you can view website.

1. Before starting painting, all you have to do is clean the room and close the part of the room that can be exposed to paint splashes with newspaper or duct tape.

2. Then, you can start by painting the corner of the wall. Dip 1/3 of the brush, then press and broom slowly over the surface of the wall. then, you can paint the corner and edge of the room with a width of about 5 cm.

3. For the center of the wall, you can use rollers. To get good results, before dipping in the paint, you need to wet the roller with water for paints based on latex or with thinners for paints based on oil.

4. You need to fill a tray or tub with paint. More paint does not always result in better results.

5. then, you can dip the rollers forward and back so that the paint is evenly spread across the roll surface, then drain the paint on the back of the tub.

6. After that, you can paint the wall with the shape of the letter “W” or “M”. you can continue painting until the entire surface of the wall is covered with paint.

7. When performing “W” or “M” motion, do not lift the roller from the wall. Continue painting until the paint on the rollers runs out.

8. When the paint in the tray already looks peeling and dry, it’s a sign you have to add a new paint.

9. After painting flat, let the paint dry for several hours.

10. If necessary, do the repainting to get the best results.