For a bazaar or other promotional event that is done outdoors, it may require a roof that can protect everyone in it from the sun. One that is usually used for the event is marquee. In fact, for some events from the company, usually, they will ask for a custom marquee that suits their company’s needs.

For that, now many custom marquee providers to fulfill that desire.

There are several uses of this type of tent. some of the uses normally used by people who use them are

1. As Media Promotion
Marquee deliberately designed for the company will usually display the image of the company or anything related to the company. that way, many people are interested to come to the stand and find out what is connected with the company.

2. Used In The Bazaar
Bazaar or other promotional activities that doing in outdoor usually use the marquee to become a tent that can protect whatever is in it. This tent is also installed to make visitors feel at home in the tent. because, with the size of a large tent and can accommodate many people, this tent is very appropriate if used for media campaigns or bazaar activities are usually done by the company.

3. Emergency
In addition to promotional media, these tents are also usually used for other emergency activities, such as the practice of physicians in places that have recently been affected by the disaster or others. If you often see these tents in places that have just been hit by disaster, it is because these tents are usually needed for emergency situations. Usually, the use of these tents in the place are medical experts.

With these three uses, no wonder if this type of tent is called a tent that is multifunctional or can be used in various events or activities conducted in outdoor. Usually, users use this tent for a temporary or emergency.