The A-List Of Men’s Inner Wear

In the last decade, styles in men’s undergarments have been a pretty much constant. Basic undergarments for men have been mainly briefs and boxers. But since past few years, there has been a vital change in the men’s underwear and newer, much more daring styles have emerged. There are a wide range of styles available in the market, but are they all suitable for everyone?

Over these years, men have mostly gravitated towards styles which are most prevalent. But one should choose a style which is best suited to them and fits well abcunderwear is a renowned name in the innerwear industry and provides a myriad colors, designs and sizes of underwear. So, instead of roaming here and there, explore it’s trendy collection and choose the best fit underwear ever.

With a myriad choice available in the market a definite question arises in everyone’s mind that which is the most appropriate choice of innerwear for them? Before finding an answer to this question lets have a look at the various types of men’s underwear.


They are the most basic types of men’s underwear. It is the most support oriented style of men’s underwear. Over the years, briefs have evolved and now they come in various designs and rises. The types of briefs available in the market include:

  • Low-rise Brief
  • Mid-rise Brief
  • High-rise Brief


Boxers are the 2nd most common variation of men’s underwear. Traditional boxers cover up to 1/3rd of the length of your thigh and protects it from getting chafed and friction during strenuous physical activity. They are considered to be ideal for wearing under almost every kind of pants.


Trunks are a combo of the support of briefs and the comfort and freedom of boxers into one package. This is the reason why this type of underwear has become much more popular amongst the youngsters and a lot of people today tend to buy best men’s trunks underwearwhich offers them the attributes of both boxers and briefs. This type of men’s innerwear is ideal for the use of both gym and work or informal clothing.


G-strings have been popular among men who prefer to feel wearing bare minimum in the terms of materials under their pants. Today G-strings have become a popular alternative for going commando and are now available in a large number of styles and materials.

Men have never been such aggressively eager for choices in the underwear department. It is a great time to throw out your old, frumpy pair of underwear and grab a new daring style.

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