There are various ways to network and we will see someone can choose to apply a specific approach. The mastermind group is a way to network between business-minded individuals and focuses on the targets that the group wants to achieve together. Mastermind groups communicate both personally, for example in weekly breakfast meetings. Another way is through the conference. They talk about a specific subject that has been agreed by all parties before the network meeting. The length of Meeting/call must also be formed before the start and someone must be appointed to make a record that can be distributed to all parties. The mastermind group should not contain more than 5-6 people for ease of management. This group network should be conducted with a target to empower each individual business owner.

Networking can also be done through websites, forums or blogs. Often consists of a community of an individual’s heart. This helps to build our business exchanging business information and helpful tips. This form of network, however, requires some form of moderation to keep things in perspective and in control. In today’s society, the form of network is gaining popularity every day. Perhaps the fact that it’s easy makes it very popular among home business owners.

We also network with special interest groups, whether we realise it or not. Attending regular meetings regardless of topics allows us to join others alike. By attending, we build a continuous network of people around us. In business, this is very important. The more people we get to know through the network, the higher our chances of getting more customers. Often the tissue is word of mouth. When we attend this meeting and meet with others, we often exchange contacts. This is most often done by sharing our business cards. Doing this makes it very easy for others to remember what we are doing and hopefully recommend our services to third parties. This is probably the most important aspect of networking in business. This allows us to advertise our business effortlessly by word of mouth.

Another example of networking in business is through related magazines, ezines and Newspapers. In every popular niche business today there are already established industry magazines in the market. We can exchange information and knowledge through magazines and networks with others in this same industry.

Most of us do not know that the network essentially starts in play schools and goes on as we move through school internships, universities, and commerce. It is an important part of everyday life and helps us to communicate with each other. Build our knowledge base and empower us as like the hearts of individuals.