Certain filmmakers have shared information with the media before its release about their explosive efforts in making production as perfect as they could, which then resulted in high expectations of fanatical films. After babbling about the anticipation of the release, the movie may not meet fans’ expectations and this may end up failing. You do not have to be afraid because it does not give you the horror movie shivers do; You do not have to be bored over long dramas that only have ended after long, And you definitely do not have to be on your toes all the time like how evil shows no. Romantic comedy is a combination of good aspects of romantic movies and comedy movies.

Romantic movies are generally designed to warm the heart because it touches you with the attraction between two or more people. Usually, there is some form of constraints that occur between characters, and the film will usually show how they overcome obstacles to show their love for each other. Some of the movies have a happy ending, while others can choose for a sad ending. Sometimes, this is bitter that captures the hearts of the crowd, just as it attracts you emotionally with the characters. A woman who is usually a fan of the type of movie, as well as anyone who loves sentimental stories.

Comedy, on the other hand, is the kind of genre that is created to make you laugh, and for some, keep your mind from stressful things with a laugh. Comedy scenes can be created by exaggerating some situations, using the language in a funny way, the interaction between characters, or just the character of the action and the personality itself. Comedy can be enjoyed by anyone so long will laugh.

When comedy is inserted into Roman, people not only laugh far or get touched by the scene; They have the time of their lives seeing how romantic can trigger them. Two different film genres are mixed into making one movie scenes more memorable when two strong emotions of love and humour are stirred between non-spectators.