Baby newborn photography, otherwise known as the newborn photography technique, has recently been highly loved by newly acquired parents. Various kinds of photo concepts such as clothing worn by the baby up to the funny and unique pose of the baby make the felicity not only parents who have children but also the new couples who do not have children. Not a few people wonder how to make a newborn baby feel comfortable when photographed with various poses like adults like curled up, chin rested or hanging. Newborn photography can be said to be one of the most satisfying types of photography because it takes skill and patience is high enough. Lots of challenges faced in doing this baby shoot. So if you do not have good photography techniques, it would be better if you hire the services of newborn photography near me. But if you feel your photography skill is enough, then it never hurts to try it yourself, is not it? Here are some tips to consider in starting a newborn photography!

1. Look for a Cute and Unique Concept
Thinking about the concept is the first step required to start this newborn photography. Funny and unique concepts such as wearing animal clothes, photos are sleeping while wearing funny costumes, thematic photos, and others should be prepared to obtain a satisfactory picture.

2. Prepare Equipment to be used in Photography Sessions
The tools that fit the theme and comfortable when used are very important for smooth running during the photography session. Picnic baskets, buckets, plastic flowers, blankets, bowls, baby swings and so on are very popular items for photographing babies. It would be better if items such as baskets, baby swings, and buckets are weighed first and coated with something soft to prevent discomfort or injury to the baby.

3. Pay attention to Appropriate Lighting and Prepare a Suitable Backdrop
If you do not have time to do photography in the studio, you can set up your ala photo set at home using easy-to-access tools such as colorful quilts that you can vary according to predetermined themes. Shooting outdoors will make the background not monotonous and provide plenty of lighting, and make sure the baby is protected at all times. The use of flash is not recommended in shooting babies wake up (not sleeping) because it can surprise the baby.