A ultrascope stethoscope is a medical device used to diagnose a disease based on sound released by the human body. Not only for the human body, stethoscopes are used by technicians who do voice-related work. This tool focuses on capturing required sounds and eliminating unneeded sounds. To listen to heart and stomach sounds, position your patient in supine position. To listen to the lungs, position the patient in a stomach. The sounds of the heart, lungs, and stomach may sound different depending on the patient’s position: eg sitting, standing, lying to the left/right, and so on. To make your patient more comfortable, warm the stethoscope by rubbing it into your sleeve or consider purchasing a stethoscope heater.

In this article will provide parts of the stethoscope such as ear tips, tubing, binaural and chest pieces.

– Eartips
Eartips is part of the stethoscope attached to the ear, generally made of soft rubber or hard plastic. For stethoscopes with cheap prices generally eartips made from plastic parts while for the stethoscope the price is more expensive eartips made of soft rubber. If you want to buy a stethoscope, then choose eartips made of rubber because it is more comfortable and will not cause pain when used.

– Binaural or Iron pipe
Binaural is useful to keep the stethoscope straight and not soft. This binaural part is stainless steel bending to be comfortable to wear and in accordance with the position of the ear. Generally, the stethoscope is not perpendicular but rather bent following the right and left ear positions. If you feel uncomfortable while using a stethoscope try to exchange between the right and left of the ear tips.

– Tubing or rubber hoses
Tubing serves to transmit sound from chestpiece to ear. This section generally amounts to 1 piece. Tubing is made of flexible rubber. There is also a stethoscope consisting of two hoses, called Sprague Rappaport.

– Chestpiece
Chestpiece is a stethoscope attached to the patient’s body to capture the sound being examined. Based on the total head, the chest piece is divided into 2, including dual head and a single head. For chest piece, Dual Head is a stethoscope that has two front and rear faces, both of which can be used for different examination needs. Head on the front of which there is membrane while for the back of which there is no membrane. To use one of these two heads simply by turning the pins on the chestpiece.