Although the social media and forum might seem unrelated to the internet marketing campaign, especially in the eyes of those who don’t understand yet about SEO, fortunately, they can be related to it. Utilizing these two community platforms on the internet is a very effective way to increase a website traffic, and it’s usually being served by the trusted SEO Singapore.

If anyone says it’s social media, that’s right. Not only the growth of social media users is increasing significantly but also the number of businesses that grow because of this media.

The potential traffic that can be generated from social media is large enough for website owners or blogs. Even when compared with SEO, social media can get more attention quickly netter. Despite the downside, the amount of traffic that comes will not be consistent with SEO.

That is why many businesses experience increased profits faster after they optimize social media for their business.

I think there are at least some social media that must be maximized ie facebook, twitter, Google plus, Youtube, Linkedin (business theme) and Pinterest (infographic).

In addition, you can also Increase Traffic Through Forums

Forums are not only a place to find inspiration and ideas but can also generate tremendous traffic from here. There are many sites or forums that allow users to place links in a thread or give a signature in each article.

Noteworthy is maintaining a good name in the forum. Note the rules do and don’ts and do not create a useless thread that actually even drop your website reputation.

What if there is a forum that does not allow Links?

There are some forums that do not allow us to create backlinks, do not violate the rules. However, you can trick them with a good copywriting strategy and put your brand name/domain at the beginning and end of the post.