on the record, the average number of Alzheimer’s in 2013 reached one million people in Indonesia. The amount is expected to rise each year. It is even estimated to double dramatically in 2030 and about four million people by 2050. The average person with Alzheimer is an elderly parent. Is your parent’s one of them? Well if so, it would be better if you immediately bring your parents to the right place because Alzheimer requires proper handling. One recommended is senior home care. With care done in senior home care then certainly there will be many activities and therapies that will be done to cure Alzheimer suffering in the nerves of your parents.
Regardless, the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease is a genetic factor that is triggered by stress, depression and can also be caused by unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore it is advisable to live a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise at least 150 minutes per week, with an activity that is a way to avoid the potential of Alzheimer’s in the elderly.

The main problem of Alzheimer’s is triggered by lack of understanding of society. They tend to think senility is common in the elderly. Residents also often do not understand the symptoms of this disease. As a result, many cases of parents are lost or lost due to dementia.

The main problem Alzheimer’s due to lack of understanding about this Alzheimer’s community and most people who think senility is common in the elderly.

Many cases of elderly people disappeared because of lost, and cases where children who scolded parents because of senility. Though Alzheimer’s can be anticipated, one of the steps that are with early detection, this can be done by examining the doctor.

That’s a bit of information about Alzheimer’s disease, may be useful so we know the cause of Alzheimer’s aka disfiguring memory in old age or dementia.[/one_fourth_last]